Se inicia la Cobertura de Miss International 2014

Cobertura de Miss International 2014 

Miss Internacional 2014 sera la 54° edición del certamen Miss Internacional que se llevará a cabo el 11 de noviembre de 2014 en el Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa en Tokio, Japón. Candidatas de alrededor de 80 naciones y territorios autónomos competirán por el titulo. Bea Rose Santiago, Miss Internacional 2013 de Filipinas coronará a su sucesora.


OCT 24 and 26 - Arrival in Tokyo.

OCT 27 (Monday) - Orientation (AM) and Welcome Party in the Evening. 

OCT 28 (Tuesday) - Japanese Traditional Tea Ceremony. 

OCT 29 (Wednesday) - Visit Shibuya, which is a funky cool area in Tokyo in the morning and afternoon. 
In the evening, VIP Party #1. 

OCT 30 (Thursday) - Japanese traditional dance (Aoi Ryu School). And visit to a sushi restaurant (Sushi Zanmai).

OCT 31 (Friday) - Sightseeing in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

NOV 1 (Saturday) - Visit Nihonbashi for a tourism campaign.

NOV 2 (Sunday) - Food Fiesta in Tokyo's Marunouchi area.

NOV 3 (Monday) - Miss International Forum. Delegates will join in an open forum where each one will deliver a speech about a certain topic. To be held at Showa University (a women's university).

NOV 4 (Tuesday) - Press Conference in the Afternoon, and then, the coronation night of Miss International Japan 2015 (Venue: Laforet Museum in Roponggi).

NOV 5 (Wednesday) - Japanese Flower Arrangement (Ikenobo School). Sponsor Event.

NOV 6 (Thursday) - Visit Miss Paris for Aesthetic Care (Miss Paris).

NOV 7 (Friday) - VIP Party #2 in the Evening. 

NOV 8 (Saturday) - Kimono Fashion Show.

NOV 9 (Sunday) - Visit a University Festival (Showa University) in the morning.

NOV 10 (Monday) - Rehearsal Day.

NOV 11 (Tuesday) - GRAND FINALE at the Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Takanawa (Hiten Hall) 4:00 PM Tokyo Time.