10 septiembre 2009

Miss Cuba International 2009

Miss Cuba Patricia Rosales granted for Miss International
From the Sea of Caribbean, Cuba will be represented during the 49 th Annual Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan . This has been officially confirmed by the Miss Cuba Organization, and the woman whom will carry the flag of Cuba is 23 yrs actress and model, Patricia Rosales.
Patricia Rosales is a captivating actress and model who is not afraid to be goofy to bring a smile to people's faces. She is proud to be able to represent her Cuban community as Miss Cuba for the Miss International pageant to be held in Japan . Born in Niquero , Cuba on March 21, 1986 her family immigrated to Montego Bay , Jamaica a few weeks short of her 10th birthday. The experience humbled her because it introduced her to a new world where she could not understand what anyone was saying, yet the kindness of its people opened her eyes to the meaning of charity. Since the family arrived on the island , the locals shared what little belongings they possessed to help them feel at home and welcome. It taught her early on in her life that she should make a difference in someone's life as someone had made a difference in hers. The boat in which they arrived at the Island still stands as a tribute for freedom on the beach at the “Blue Moon Hotel” in Montego Bay .
Patricia moved to Miami a couple of months later with her parents where she was discovered a year later by a modeling agency and started doing print work as an after-school activity. This new job only fueled the passion for the arts she had cultivated since she was young. From the age of four, when she started school, she participated in everything from acting, dancing, singing, playing piano and even being the queen of the carnival for her small town. When she first moved to the United States she was not able to continue her acting career since she did not speak the language and did not further her training until high school, where they offered a theater program.
Being the daughter of a doctor, school was always first, and the rest – even though it was her passion – came second. Patricia enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program in high school where she took advanced courses to help her get college credit while still in high school. She was later accepted into the University of Florida where she achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising.
Upon graduation, during her first job, Patricia decided that she needed to follow her dreams of being an actress after reading a bookmark quote by George Eliot saying “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” She had forgotten that it is dreams that keep you going in life and she needed to finally walk her own path. She landed a couple of small roles in Spanish Soap operas – “Mas Sabe el Diablo,” “Alma Indomable,” “Pecadoras” - and booked her first principal role, Brittney in independent film “Last Trip” – all in the first couple of months of attending auditions.
Presently Patricia is working closely with her acting teacher in Spanish and in English to be able to represent the Cuban community as best as possible in both markets. I look forward to the experiences these pageants will bring and the people I will meet. I am excited to represent my native country and the Cuban community that has always kept me grounded and humbled from my beginnings.

Special thanks to Ms. Melendez National Director of Miss Cuba Organisation, You can find out more on Patty through her My Space.